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I am a teacher with over 8 years of experience in one-on-one teaching for international students. You will get lessons that match your proficiency level, and you will be continuously taught to become fluent in Japanese.

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We will be working together to achieve your goals and understanding the Japanese language world. You will have my complete guidance and support during the whole time.

The most import thing to master languages is to love the language and the country's culture. Learn the language like someone you love. Maybe one day your lover will abandon you, but language is different, as long as you don't change your mind, it will never leave you.

Check what my previous students said about my lessons

“Okino Sensei is a great teacher, and I would know because I have been a teacher for 7 years! He is patient and allows his student to finish their thoughts and engages in thoughtful conversation, adjusting his speaking and explanations to match what his students can understand. If you are looking to study seriously, you will get everything out of the lessons that you put into them, and more..”
Max T.
“Okino-sensei is an excellent teacher. He has extensive knowledge, but also listens well and attentively, correcting even the smallest mistakes. Also he really does everything that you can understand language detaily: a lot of interesting and useful examples, textbooks, resources etc. Finally, lessons are not borring and really interesting. Just after few lessons I already feel my Japanese grows. Exactly what I need, defenetely reccomend.”
Sergei E.
“My lesson with Okino San was very fun and concise. He was easy to talk to, made me feel comfortable asking any questions I had, whether about the language itself or japans history, and gave me a great foundation to focus on as a beginner. Definitely recommend. ”
Bryant H.
“I was fortunate enough to know Okino-sensei, who taught me patiently no matter my pronunciation or grammar. In addition to teaching with textbooks, he also chatted with me, read some news, etc. The class is very interesting. I look forward to taking Okino-sensei's class every week.”
Agnes L.
“I took Okino-sensei's class after I passed the N1 exam. If you want to improve your Japanese. I personally highly recommend him. The teacher adjusts his rigor according to individual needs and standards Especially for the part of the auxiliary words where foreigners get often confused, he will pay attention to the correction one by one very seriously, so I really recommend him.”
Thomas F.
“Although Okino-sensei looks strict, don't be afraid! He's not angry at all haha. He is full of patience and has a very deep Japanese knowledge. He can always put together what I want to express and teach me in complete Japanese sentences that are easy to understand. ”
Fang C.
“Okino-sensei is very patient and amiable. The class is very interesting. It's like chatting with a friend. You don't have to be nervous at all. I really recommend it to any friend who wants to learn Japanese.”
Yayun S.
“The teacher is very attentive and patient! And because he is a native Japanese, I can feel at ease in my pronunciation, and I don’t have to worry about learning the weird accents. In addition, there are a lot of class hours, so it's easy to schedule a class! Highly recommended!”
Gigi L.
“The teacher is very serious and very helpful for refining pronunciation and grammar.”
Rita C.

Let's connect together and make you becoming fluent in Japanese really quick!

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