Students, please read carefully!

Sharing plan

  1. The purchased courses can be shared with others.
  2. If you have already purchased a course and want to apply for a shared project, please inform the contact information (name, email, line, etc.) of the students sharing with you in advance
  3. New applicants, please pay by the representative, and inform the contact information of the students who use the sharing plan.
  4. Please make appointments separately.

About lessons, reservations, and expiration dates

  1. Class time is 50 minutes/time. It starts every hour on the hour and ends at 50 minutes.
  2. Out of class hours, if you have any questions in Japanese, please use messanger to ask the teacher.
  3. The course has an expiration date. Please be sure to finish lessons you have purchased within the expiration date.
    Expiration date will be calculated from the first lesson.
    If the validity period of the course is exceeded, the remaining courses cannot be made up. Please choose the number of courses you want to purchase carefully.
  4. Generally, class reservations should be made 10 hours before the class time. But we also accept drop-on class reservation, if we are available. Please contact us via messanger.
  5. In principle, the reservation can be started one month before the class. If you would like to make a reservation more than a month in advance, please contact us.
  6. If necessary, please cancel or change the reservation time as soon as possible.
    Please cancel or change the time no later than one hour before.
  7. Cancellation within one hour before the start time, even if the contact is made in advance,
    It will also be regarded as an cancellation without notice, and the class will be counted as used.
  8. If students cancel lessons without any notice, the class will be counted as used.
  9. If students don’t cancel in advance, I will wait for you for 15 minutes. After that, the lesson will be cancelled.

About tuition payment

  1. Credit card payment via PayPal or Stripe.
  2. Please complete the payment no later than one hour before class.
  3. If there is no special reason, the completed payment is non-refundable.
    In case you have special reasons, please contact me.
  4. If there is no special reason and wish to extend the validity period, an extension fee shall be charged.
    If the validity period needs to be extended for one month, an additional USD60 will be charged. If you have a special reason, please discuss with me.
  5. The course has an expiration date. Please be sure to comply and finish the number of classes purchased within the time limit.
    If there are remaining courses beyond the validity period that are not taken, the course will be deemed to have been abandoned and no refund will be given.