I make you love
Japanese language

I think you have various reasons for studying Japanese.
Then leave it to me!!
One-on-one online lessons with the native Japanese experienced teacher, I believe it is the best way to learn Japanese quickly!
You can enjoy the same level of lessons as language school at home without spending extra money or time! 

You don’t need to worry about other people’s eyes when you use skype for lessons, you can learn Japanese according to your own learning pace and level.
The teacher has taught hundreds of people so far, and can teach students of all levels.
This Japanese class has a wide range of teaching contents; grammar, conversation, business Japanese, and Japanese related to job hunting (interviews, resumes).

our features

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The purchased courses can be shared with others. Whether it’s your friend, lovers and family members can share the course!

Group lessons

A person who feels nervous about having a conversation with a teacher, If you practice with friends or family, the stress will be much less!

Teacher profile

Okino sensei(沖野先生)


Hello, everyone. I’m Okino sensei, a Japanese teacher with 8 years’ experiences in tutoring. I’m living in Hyogo Japan currently.

The most import thing to master languages is to love the language and the country’s culture. Learn the language like someone you love. Maybe one day your lover will abandon you, but language is different, as long as you don’t change your mind, it will never leave you.

Nationality: Japanese
Teaching years:
8 years
Education background:
Kobe University 2002-2006
Facalty of Human Development

Teaching expertise:
Grammar <Basic, Intermediate, Advanced>
Conversation, business, pronunciation, writing.

Japanese level:Native
English level:Upper intermediate
Chinese level: Intermediate

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The number of people I have taught[2014-2021]

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Student's REVIEW

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— Translation
The teacher is very attentive and patient! And because he is a native Japanese, I can feel at ease in my pronunciation, and I don’t have to worry about learning the weird accents. In addition, there are a lot of class hours, so it’s easy to schedule a class! Highly recommended!

— Translation
Although Okino-sensei looks strict, don’t be afraid! He’s not angry at all haha. He is full of patience and has a very deep Japanese knowledge. He can always put together what I want to express and teach me in complete Japanese sentences that are easy to understand.

— Translation
I was fortunate enough to know Okino-sensei, who taught me patiently no matter my pronunciation or grammar. In addition to teaching with textbooks, he also chatted with me, read some news, etc. The class is very interesting. I look forward to taking Okino-sensei’s class every week.

— Translation
Okino-sensei is very patient and amiable. The class is very interesting. It’s like chatting with a friend. You don’t have to be nervous at all. I really recommend it to any friend who wants to learn Japanese.