Variety of teaching courses​

We prepare lots of teaching courses (Including Japanese certification(JLPT), business Japanese).
Instead of fixing to one course like other language schools, you can choose what you want to study each time. There are several courses for reference below.
Let’s see which part you want to strengthen!

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Course Introduction

◆You can use Messanger to ask the teacher if you have any questions in Japanese out of class time.

◆The course is completely taught by skype online “one-to-one”. Please prepare a computer or mobile phone that can be used for video.

◆Basically all classes are taught in Japanese. For beginner students, the teacher will use English for better understanding.

◆Studying with the same teacher will help you improve faster because the teacher is always aware of your level.

◆You can record during a lesson to confirm your pronunciation and so on.

◆For students who wish to review after the class, I will send you class records.

◆The age limit in our Japanese class is over 18 years old.

Course list

Japanese grammar

[General class]
* You need to purchase a textbook.

*Study grammar in Minna no nihongo.
*You can study from the part you want to study.
*With timely practice with a Japanese teacher, you can better get accustomed to any grammar rules during our conversation.
(Recommended for those who are not confident or who are studying for the first time)

Japanese for JLPT test

[General class]
* You need to purchase a textbook.

*Japanese grammar, listening comprehension, long reading comprehension for those taking N5 ~ N1
*Study points for passing the exam.
*Practicing conversation through studying JLPT.

Business Japanese

[General class]
* You need to purchase a textbook.

*Important expressions used in business situations.
*Learn the characteristics of Japanese businessmen and utilize them in your work.

Today's Japan known from the news

[Customized lessons according to student level]

*You can study difficult Japanese words.
*Have the opportunity to know and think about what’s happening in Japan today. 
*Useful for creating topics when talking to Japanese people.

Everyday Japanese learned from dramas, anime, and novels

[Customized lessons according to student level]
* Netflix is required in the case of drama / animation ​

*Words and expressions that cannot be studied in textbooks.
*You can also know the Japanese way of thinking and Japanese culture.
*You can understand your favorite works more deeply.

Japanese for job hunting

[Customized lessons according to student level]

*You can study how to write resumes. 
*Interview practice according to the industry you want to work in.
*Interview points that can be understood because I was in charge of interview before.

Japanese for working holiday

[Customized lessons according to student level]

*Everyday Japanese to have a good life right after coming to Japan.
*Part-time job interview practice, part-time job Japanese.
*Japanese for those who want to make more Japanese friends.

Everyday conversation in Japanese

[Customized lessons according to student level]

*For those who wants to speak just like native speakers and that’s the way you would never study via textbooks.
*Discuss various themes and aim for more natural Japanese.
*Get flexible thinking so you don’t have to worry when talking to Japanese people.

Correction of various sentences

[Customized lessons according to student level]

*Checking of diary, university dissertation, company email.
*Understanding difficult Japanese literary expressions through corrections.
*Through writing, learn and review grammar and expressions that you are not good at.

Japanese travel conversation

[Customized lessons according to student level]

*Talk to Japanese people on a trip to Japan and make your trip more enjoyable.
*Situational conversations at hotels, restaurants, and shops.
*I will also recommend you good restaurants that only Japanese local people know (Osaka, Kobe).

One-on-one skype lessons with me, I believe Japanese will improve very quickly!
Is skype teaching really suitable for me?
One hour trial lesson is provided for free.
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