We have started sharing plan!

Previously our class had not allowed to share lessons with others
But from now on, whether it is your friends, lover, or family,
you can share lessons!

  • The purchased courses can be shared with others.
  • If you have already purchased a course and want to apply for the sharing plan, please inform the contact information (name, email, line, etc.) of the students sharing with you in advance.
  • New applicants, tuition fee should be paid by the representative, and inform the contact information of the students who use the sharing plan.
  • Regarding reservations, those who want to take classes should make their own reservations.

Usage examples of sharing plan

If you buy multiple classes at once, it’s cheaper. For example, buying 50 lessons at a time is 20% cheaper than buying a single lesson! 
It’s also very cost-effective to share and use!
Let’s see the following usage examples!


①Compared to buying 10 lessons at a time,
buying 20 lessons at a time is cheaper!

“20 lessons are cheaper…but they have to be used up within 4 months…”
If you think so, share them with your friends!
It means that one person only needs to finish 10 lessons in four months. And buying 20 lessons at a time is 15% cheaper!

②Regardless of the number of people,
no matter how many times to share it is not a problem!

“I don’t have time recently. It’s a bit tight to have 10 classes in 4 months… But I really want to keep learning Japanese…”
Then invite friends to share! 
It can also be divided into 5 lessons for each of you. Or 4 lessons for you, 6 lessons for your friend. Or 1 lesson for you, 9 lessons for your friend, it’s okay!
It’s ok if you want to invite 9 people each to 1 class!

③It is not difficult to convert the 50 cheapest classes!

The cheapest course is the 50-lessons plan. Save 20% compared to paying for a single class. The validity period of 50 classes is 6 months, which is a bit stressful for those who have to take care of their studies and work….
But if two people share it together, the 25 lessons only need to be used up within 6 months. On average, one person takes one time a week, which sounds much easier!

④You can give lessons to your friends!

My friend said that I also want to learn Japanese, but he/she is still considering where to learn.
It’s ok! You can directly give your lessons to your friends to try,
If he finds it helpful, you can still share hours together in the future!

The above are a few ways to share lessons with others,
You are welcome to use it more!

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