We provide online Japanese lessons

We will be working together to achieve your goals and understanding the Japanese language world. You will have my complete guidance and support during the whole time.

You don’t have to worry about others’ eyes when you use skype to learn Japanese. In addition, it also provides services such as individual interview practice that is difficult to do in general Japanese lessons, and checking grammar of Japanese email at work.

We have a wide range of teaching contents! Grammar, conversation, business Japanese, and Japanese for job hunting (interviews, resumes, etc.).
You can learn anything you would like to improve here!

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our features

I have taught hundreds of people and can teach students of all levels.
Of course I know exactly where students often make mistakes, so I can teach you exactly what to study in order to improve your Japanese.

Since the same teacher teaches all the time, we can teach according to the level of students’ learning.

My classes do not use English  much, no matter if you are a beginner or a learner who has given up on the way to learn Japanese, because this way of teaching students is more efficient in learning.

If you want to learn Japanese conversation as soon as possible, please leave it to me! I will help you learn Japanese as soon as possible!

“Japanese cram school, tuition is so expensive…”
“Small class system, large class system teaching, is the effect good?”

If you have such troubles, come and try one-on-one Japanese online lesson!
Completely customize the class time, match your Japanese proficiency,
You can even learn at your own pace. No need to waste traffic time at all, make full use of your free time!


Okino Sensei (沖野先生)

Hello, everyone. I’m Okino sensei, a Japanese teacher with 8 years’ experiences in tutoring. I’m living in Hyogo Japan currently.

The most import thing to master languages is to love the language and the country’s culture. Learn the language like someone you love. Maybe one day your lover will abandon you, but language is different, as long as you don’t change your mind, it will never leave you.

Nationality:  Japanese
Birth year:   1983
Experience of Japanese teacher:
8 years (From 2013)
Teaching expertise:
Grammar <Basic, Intermediate, Advanced>
Conversation, business, pronunciation, writing

Japanese – native,
English – upper intermediate,
Chinese – intermediate
Apr. 2002 – Mar. 2006
Kobe University
Bachelor of Human Development

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Career History


Jun. 2013 – Present
Self-employed Japanese language teacher
(Nov. 2014 –)
Online based Japanese language tutor based in Japan
(Jun. 2013 – Nov. 2014)
Japanese language tutor based in Taiwan

Nov 2009 – May 2013
Worked for Trading company Sales, Production Control

Oct 2006 – Oct 2008
An university in Zimbabwe
Volunteer / Basketball Coach

One-on-one skype teaching with me, I believe Japanese will improve very quickly!
Is skype teaching really suitable for me?
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